A Single Lady’s Itinerary for Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s day falling on a Thursday this year, I know I will be spending the beginning of my day at school and work. If you have a full day’s worth of things to do on your planner on Valentine’s day, try starting off your morning an extra hour earlier and taking a hike or walk alone or with a friend. (wearing pink, purple or red of course) The winter chills make it harder to get out of bed this time of year, but starting off the morning releasing endorphins is bound to help you be more active and awake all day long so you have energy for whatever your evening plans are! 


After you get done with school or off work, it’s self-care time. I usually go to the store before Valentine’s day to get myself a box of chocolate covered strawberries and sometimes I’ll even throw in flowers! Most restaurants are busy on Valentine’s Day with all of the couples going out to dinner, so I like to invite my friends over to cook a we all agree on. This is afforable and convenient because every friend contributes ingredients and there are helping hands to clean up after! Valentine’s Day is the perfect evening to do a face mask and relax in your robe with a cup of warm hot cocoa or a glass of wine; whatever suits your fancy!

Night time:

If your gal pals are getting together on Valentine’s Day, one fun way to celebrate is having a pot-luck style Galentine’s Day party with appetizers and desserts. For photo opps, an easy and cheap way to make props on sticks is using skewer sticks and then cutting colored construction paper into whatever shapes you want! For Galentine’s some cute props are lips, hearts, Cupid’s  arrow, and of course you can write word bubbles with personalized sayings that you might find on Brach’s Conversation Hearts Candy like “BE MINE” or “LOVE YOU.”  If you’re dedicated to Galentine’s Day, ask if anyone has an extra white sheet laying around because they work well for photo backgrounds and are easy to put up with thumbtacks! (PRO TIP: hang string lights across the sheet with thumb tacks so the sheet stays secured to the wall!) Spend the night snuggled up on the couch sipping on your drink of choice, playing card games like What Do you Meme? and watching chick flicks. If you’re feeling lucky, hit the town and see if Cupid strikes anyone with a love arrow.

Regardless of how you spend your day or who you spend it with, do it with love!

Super Bowl Sunday Outfits for Every Occasion

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest days, maybe even the biggest day of the year in the U.S. The Super Bowl is more than just a game, it has evolved into its own culture of intriguing advertisements, amazing performances, and of course food, friends, and most important of all:  football.American football can be described in a simplified version as guys in teams running with a ball, trying to get to the goal line amidst their opponents tackling, pushing, and charging at them. This year, the Super Bowl will feature the two-time defending champs the New England Patriots versus the Los Angeles Rams to determine the champion of the NFL 2018 season. This sport is professionally played by only men, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t girls like me that thoroughly enjoy spectating! As a side note, I grew up watching and attending football with my dad so I’ve had my fair share of outfits for the couch and the stands- ranging from parkas and rain ponchos to shorts and a jersey I’ve worn it all. As a sports fan, I dress up for the Super Bowl every year even if my favorite team doesn’t make it because in my opinion, talent sees no color (jersey) and regardless of who you route for during the season, it’s a day to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of the end of the football season. I have a few ideas that are sure to leave you looking sporty while feeling stylish!

If you are watching the game on the couch with friends:

There is definitely less pressure to wear something fashion forward for a casual hang out with some gal pals so I suggest going with “athleisure” attire. Athleisure is a term used to describe the new fashion trend  in which clothing designed for athletic activities is worn in different settings. A comfy yet still sporty look could be sweat-pant joggers, a t-shirt and jean jacket and some sort of sneaker. To dress it up a little more you can switch out the joggers for leggings for a more form fitting, body accentuating look. Don’t stress too hard about an outfit for this occasion, the comfier the better! Don’t forget to look up which teams are playing 

If you are watching the game at a sports bar/get together:

If you are spending this Sunday in public or attending a social gathering to watch the game, you have a reason to get dressed up a little more than you would if you were watching from the comfort of your own home. But remember, you don’t need to be looking your absolute best- it is Super Bowl SUNDAY after-all! My favorite look for this type of Super Bowl Sunday is any football jersey with tight ripped jeans, and sneakers paired with a leather jacket. The jersey is fun and in spirit of the game while the form fitting leather jacket makes the look a little more girly and fashion-forward. Another outfit option that is a little more bold and for girls in warmer weather, an oversized crewneck sweatshirt tucked into a leather skirt, leaving a little sweatshirt untucked for a less-formal look. To tie the look together, black booties and black oversized black sunglasses to add a touch of glam, and maybe even a bold lip depending on how much of the trendy, stylish football-wife look you are going for.

If you are going to the Super Bowl:

I’M JEALOUS. The weather in Atlanta is in the high 50’s, low 60’s with a 20% chance of precipitation on Sunday. An easy way to stay dry if it starts to rain is to keep a disposable rain poncho handy. They are small and compact and easily will fit in a purse or our backpack. Because they are single use ponchos, you can easily toss it after you’re done using it and you can still wear a warm, fashion-forward outfit under! When attending any football or sporting event, I like to wear a jersey but I also realize not everyone, especially if you don’t follow sports, owns a sports jersey. 

Some alternatives to buying something new are going to your local thrift store or lower priced department store like Marshall’s or Ross and finding sports teams shirts at an affordable price. I usually check the kids section for team shirts in large or XL because I like the way those fit me, but if i have no luck or the selection isn’t great, I go to the adults section which is usually still decently priced compared to paying full price for similar items at stores at the mall. 

I try my best to not shop for something new when I need an outfit for an occasion by putting together pieces from my wardrobe that I don’t usually wear together. An article of clothing can be worn so many different ways and for different purposes. For example, the outfits shown are examples of outfits I’ve worn in the past, but I am still looking for more creative ways to wear the clothes I already own in order to reduce my carbon footprint. Less than 1% of clothes are made from recycled materials, adding to pollution in all aspects from creating the item through manufacturing all the way through consumption. We can make a difference in our own lives by rewearing clothes we already own in new ways, allowing ourselves to practice creativity!

Finding myself through fashion..

I’ve never been great at art whether that be drawing, painting or even playing a musical instrument. Growing up, I was the sporty, tom-boy but I always wished I could express the ideas and thoughts I have in my head into something feasible like art. I’ve always felt like creatively challenged because although I knew I didn’t have to be exceptionally great at art to express myself, I knew art was nothing more than a fulfilling hobby. 

I wouldn’t say I’ve always been “fashionable” but I have always enjoyed putting time and effort into getting dressed. Having an older sister close to my age made it hard not only to have my own voice but also my own sense of style. Because she was older, she usually got dibs on anything we both wanted because we would never be caught dead in the same outfit. This frustrated me because as young girls there weren’t many color options: Alexa always ended up in pink and me in purple. As I got older and was able began to pick out own outfits, I began to start to grow into who I was and started seeing my personality separate from wearing the same outfit as my sister in a different color variation. Not only did we dress similar, but we also played the same sports and did the same activities to make it easy for my parents. Clothing was my first taste to branch off from the “brand” Alexa and I had built together as sisters and build my own brand as Emily.

To this day I still am the friend everyone ask to borrow clothes from for any given occasion not necessarily because I have the best style, but because I have such a wide style- I never tell myself I can’t “pull something off” so I end up with clothes on a wide spectrum of trends, prints and colors. The only fashion rule I have is there are no fashion rules.

I encourage everyone to wear what makes them feel like they are walking down a runway while they walk down the street because nobody can take away self-confidence. Loving yourself and the skin your in is such a powerful feeling and I hope to use this blog as a way to encourage others to look at their outfits as means of self-expression instead of as a chore or means of judgment. 

I hope to use this blog as a tool to spread positivity and acceptance through clothing. Being fearless with my clothing choices has helped me gain the self confidence to make everyday life choices. Bill Gates once said “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on Public Relations”. Hence is the importance of a PR in a brand’s or individual’s life. PR and fashion go hand and hand because they are pivotal parts in helping build the desired version of youself!